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Helpful Hints

Lawn Mowing Tips 

    Lawn mowing is healthy for your lawn. You’re trimming away the oldest part of the plant because grass grows from the bottom up. A higher cut – generally trimming the top third of the plant – will shade the roots and encourage a deeper root system. A deep root system can reach water further down in the soil, providing reserve power to survive dry spells.

    Different types of grass require different cutting heights; in general, cool-season grasses should be cut at three and a half inches, while warm-season grasses are cut at four inches.

Watering Tips

    Look for early signs of wilt and dehydration to determine when your lawn needs water. Common indicators include a bluish-green color, curling grass blades and footprints that remain on the lawn.

    Most lawns require about an inch of water per week. If you’re unsure of how long to water, put a mark one inch from the bottom of several plastic containers and spread them around the watering zone. Clock the time it takes to reach the one-inch mark and water for that length of time in the future.

    Water may be applied any time of day, but morning is usually the most efficient time for watering your lawn because that is when the least amount of water is lost to evaporation and wind drift.

Lawn Weeds

    Weeds are definitely unsightly, but they are also harmful to your yard because they compete with grass and other plants for moisture, nutrients, light and space.

    To control dandelion, clover and thistle, apply a post-emergence herbicide, which is absorbed into the leaves and is circulated down into the root system. However, this doesn’t prevent the seeds from germinating and re-infesting a lawn.

    Proper fertilizer, mowing and irrigation encourage grass to grow in quickly and prevent weed growth.

    While hot dry weather encourages crabgrass, a well-maintained lawn that is properly fertilized, watered and mowed rarely has crabgrass

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