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Commercial and Residential. Our service includes trimming throughout the entire mowing area with string trimmers. Afterward, we use blowers to clean walks, patios, driveways, mulch beds, etc., leaving a nice clean crisp feel to your yard.

Grass can be cut to a variety of heights, but we maintain a height of 3 to 4 inches during the mowing season. A slightly higher cut helps during a drought, protecting the roots and assists in controlling weed growth.     

2020 Residential Price Guide

Lot Size Square Footage

Every Week
             Up to  
 10,890 (.25 acre) $35
14,374 (.33 acre)
 21,780 (1/2 acre)
 32,670 (.75 acre)  $60
43,560 (acre) or More *Call or E-mail for pricing

*We reserve the right to adjust prices for sloped land and length of grass.

*Please feel free to contact us at        for commercial rates.

*Use this link to estimate your lot size



An aeration machine removes a plug from the soil which helps water the roots, adds nutrients back into the soil, minimizes compacting of the soil and much more. This should be done twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

Spring Aeration 2020 Price Guide

 Lot Square Footage

2 or More Neighbors 

 up to 
10,890 (.25 acre)
 Save $5.00 each 
 14,374 (.33 acre) $70
Save $5.00 each  
21,780 (1/2 acre
 Save $5.00 each 
32,670 (.75 acre) 
 Save $5.00 each 
43,560 (acre) or More
*Call or E-mail for pricing
 Save $5.00 each 
                        *Pricing is for one pass through entire yard.*

Please feel free to contact us at for commercial rates.

*Neighbors must be in the same subdivision with prescheduled appointments 
for discounts to apply.

Sprinkler Head Marking $20.00
Sprinkler head marking fee is waived if you mark you own sprinkler heads.

Home owner must mark any shallow cables or invisible fencing if they are not 
buried at least 6 in deep.  Fishers Lawn Care is not responsible for damage to unmarked cables/wires.

*Use this link to estimate your lot size

Lawn Edging

Edging your lawn creates a small gap between a grassy surface and the hard surface of a sidewalk, driveway or path.


We provide quality mulching products from area nurseries.  We lay about 2-3 inches thick.

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